Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bossa Nova

After the recent unfortunate demise of my last regular cafe I have found an even better one.
Bossa Nova at Woody Point has great staff, great coffee, and a pretty bloody good view.

...via 3G


Phil said...

wasn't there a fish and chip shop there last time and a post office? or did it get torn down? i'll have to go there next time,

you know, that fish and chip shop on the corner, whether its there or not, don't ever go there :P i bought 2 bucks of chips once and the lady kept coughing up flem while making it so my brother and I just walked out and never claimed them :P


Peter said...

Bossa Nova is on the block with the pub and Post Office, there is a takeaway there still, but it seems a bit better. There was a dodgy cafe and a few other shops in the block that has been torn down for that new complex.
Should be a nice area when that complex is finished, currently its being taken over by foul mouthed dodgy wanker construction workers.
Hopefully it wont be taken over by yobbos or yuppies (do they still exist?) when the area is cleaned up.